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[LOST] Juliet/James <3
Medium: TV
Fandom: LOST
Subject: Juliet Burke / James LaFleur
Title: Grey Sky Morning
Warnings: Spoilers for the season 5 finale. Lots of pictures.
Notes: The songs are individually uploaded to box.net.
You can download or just listen to them without downloading

You're only the best I ever had...Collapse )


I had to delete the mp3s due to copyright issues. If you still want some of those, just send me a PM :)
13th-Oct-2008 08:26 pm - 74 Icons, 1 Header & 3 Wallpaper
[NCIS] Abby/Ziva - So close
Finally came around to post some stuff I made lately.
I haven't created any icons in quite a while, so don't expect anything fancy. They're pretty plain.
Still... plain icons are no bases ^^

Credit for icons is mandatory, seriously. I credit all my icons, too. It's no big deal. =)
And it would be nice to credit me in your userinfo if you use any of my headers.

(Oh yeah and comments would be really nice )

[20] Abby (NCIS)
[10] Abby/Ziva (NCIS)
[05] Pauley/Lauren (NCIS)
[11] Ziva (NCIS)
[28] Sam Carter (Stargate: Continuum)
[01] Shannon/Sayid Header (LOST)
[03] Scully/Reyes Wallpaper (X-Files)

She'll let you take her home, it whets her appetiteCollapse )
11th-Aug-2008 10:39 pm - Mulder & Scully Fanmix
[Glee] Achele face grabbing
And another Fanmix.
I'm so obsessed with the X-Files again right now (it's all the new movies fault ^^) so I decided to make an MSR Fanmix.

Medium: Television
Fandom: The X-Files
Subject: Fox Mulder & Dana Scully
Title: Love remains the same
Warnings: The coverart is from the new movie, but no real spoiler

Tracklist, Coverart & Download LinkCollapse )
11th-Aug-2008 10:39 pm - Tony & Abby Fanmix
[Glee] Achele face grabbing
First entry in my shiny new icon/photo/fanart/whatever Community. Yay. =)

Medium: Television
Fandom: NCIS
Subject: Tony & Abby
Title: Spooky Girlfriend
Warnings: No Spoilers

Tracklist, Coverart & Download LinkCollapse )
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